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A Smuggling Success Story

Today we had a huge victory for a great client! After trying to sneak his wife into the United States, this client was facing deportation. The government said that because he had smuggled her in, he did not deserve to keep his green card.  It was a long journey, but we were able to prove... READ MORE

How to Prepare for an Asylum Interview

As immigration lawyers, we work with many people who come to the U.S. seeking asylum. For many individuals, applying for asylum in the U.S. is their only chance to escape persecution in their home country. No matter what your reason for fleeing your home country is, asylum can be the light at the end of... READ MORE

New Public Charge Rules for Consular Processing

I’ve previously posted about the proposed changes to the rules about “public charge.” While these rules don’t apply yet to people getting their green card inside the United States (known as “adjustment of status), if you are getting your green card from a consulate outside the United States (known as “consular processing”), it is important... READ MORE

How to Get a Green Card with an F-1 Visa or SEVIS from a School Suspected of Immigration Fraud

Immigration authorities are working hard to prevent immigrants from obtaining their green cards. Part of this effort is cracking down on schools and students that authorities think are committing fraud through the student visa program. Immigration authorities even set up a fake school to try to trap people with student visas. A school commits visa... READ MORE