Aisha Khan

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My K1 Fiance Visa Success Story

by Aisha Khan

After applying for a K1 Fiance Visa back in 2018, everything seemed to go semi smooth up until it reached the embassy. My fiance was given an interview in August of 2019 that was later rescheduled to September due to not having his medical. His interview went well and they took his passport. No 221g slip or any other slip was given at the interview. He was simply told that he would undergo administrative processing. We left with high hopes that his visa would be issued later that week. Unfortunately that’s not what was in store for us.

We were stuck in this black hole with absolutely no updates or insight from the embassy. I remember watching Josh’s YouTube videos way before I hired him, wondering if it really worked and how he would be able to help me. By June of 2019 I finally reached out to Josh to ask about help. I was hesitant about the cost of a lawsuit, unsure if it would work and push us out of AP, and unsure if the embassy would retaliate and simply deny us.

A month later (July 14) after seeing no way out of AP I stuck to my gut and hired josh. My lawsuit was filed approximately a week later. Then we were back to the waiting game. I remember telling myself 6-12 weeks and he will be here, just stay hopeful. Finally after two months we began to see updates on his case, someone was looking at his file. However, it wasn’t what I expected, his case status suddenly changed to expired on September 4th of 2019. The description stated that his visa was canceled and that all evidence was destroyed. I remember being at work and panicking, wanting to cry. How could I just undergo all that AND File a lawsuit just for his visa to be cancelled.

I immediately emailed Josh and he responded ASAP and told me he was pretty sure it was an error and that he would look into it. That same day he went out of his way to call me to try and calm my nerves telling me to do yoga and exercise to keep myself busy while he looked into it. That was definitely impossible, but he was right. We emailed the embassy directly simply asking them if it was true that his visa was cancelled and to notify them that we filed a mandamus lawsuit.

September 17th, his case status changed back to refused. By December we had seen little to no movement on his case. Now it had been nearly 4 months since I filed the lawsuit. I was drained, it had been over two years since I’ve seen my fiance. I had vacation time approved from work and decided to go back to Pakistan to see my Fiance. I called Josh to let him know I was planning a trip there and that I was considering getting married there and just starting over since his K1 case was going nowhere. He advised me not to and I promised him I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his K1 visa.

I went to see him in November. While in Pakistan his case updated twice, but still said refused. Then a month later in December, his case updated another time. This time he got an email along with it. They stated that his visa was ready for further processing, to update his ds-160 undergo a new medical and to appear at the consulate for fingerprints and reoath. We scheduled his appointment for the earliest appointment available. January 7th was his appointment, his case updated to ready that same day. Then an hour or so later it changed to a nonimmigrant case and that status was now application received.

January 25th his case finally updated to administrative processing and then January 28th it was issued. His passport was ready February 1st. All in all our process began October of 2018 and finished February of 2021. Although my timeline did not depict the average timeline of 6-12 weeks for a mandamus lawsuit. I still 1000% recommend filing a mandamus lawsuit. Issued means “I sued”. Let josh help you with filing a lawsuit to sue the embassy to help get you out of administrative processing.

Even though it took us 6 months to see results, I can’t even imagine where we would be if I never filed the lawsuit. Josh is reliable, very understanding, and eager to help couples stuck in AP. If you’re tired of being stuck in the blackhole of AP, I highly recommend reaching out to Josh. I am so grateful he was able to help me and am so eager to finally be with my Fiance.

The Timeline

  • Initial File USCIS i29f – OCTOBER 12th 2018 (10/12/18)
  • RFE- 3/15/19 March
  • Received response RFE- 3/27/19 March
  • Approved USCIS- April 15, 2019 (4/15/19)
  • NVC Received I29f- May 8th 2019 (5/8/19)
  • DS160- July 6th 2019
  • Interview date- August 5th 2019 and then September 3rd 2019
  • RFE- November
  • RFE Received November 18th
  • AP since
  • July 14th – Hired Josh
  • July 22nd- lawsuit filed
  • September 4th – expired on ceac
  • September 17th- back to refused on ceac
  • December- wanted to give up and go back and get married and start process over, promised josh I wouldn’t
  • November- saw my fiance again after over two years
  • November 9th refused
  • November 27th refused
  • December 11th – our office is ready for further processing of visa, update ds160 and iv 221G follow up appointment, update medical, reoath and fingerprints
  • December 18th refused
  • January 7th- embassy appointment
  • January 7th- ready
  • January 7th – changed to non immigrant and status is application received
  • January 25th – administrative processing
  • January 28th- Issued
  • February 1st- passport ready for pickup

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