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Immigration Lawyers LA

Are you looking for legal advice and representation for an immigration-related matter from the top law firm in Los Angeles? If so, you have come to the right place!

Our law firm is operated by a skilled and experienced team of immigration attorneys, each of whom is committed to helping our clients overcome all manner of immigration cases. Be it deportation, visa delays, permanent residency or anything in-between, rest assured that you are not alone. We understand that immigration is one of the most difficult legal situations that you will ever have to deal with, and thus we are here to offer not only superior advice and representation but also ongoing support during this difficult time.

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Our Los Angeles law firm is home to the following immigration specialists:

Eric C. Averion, Esq.
Senior Associate Attorney
Love Macione
Associate Attorney
Lily Connolly
Associate Attorney
Anne Hamilton
Associate Attorney | Immigration Delay Litigation
Sarya Baladi
Senior Paralegal
Zaria Durant
Legal Office Assistant
Juni du Preez
Case Manager | Immigration Delay Litigation
Rebekah Georgeadies
Client Specialist Coordinator | Immigration Delay Litigation
Yusrah Armadien
Administrative Assistant | Immigration Delay Litigation
Natasha Jonga
Billing Coordinator
Laura Eleno
Director of Client Engagement
Milly Ruiz
Director of Client Engagement
Rebekah Reddy
Intake Specialist
Victorina Corbascio
Intake Specialist
Katty Dueñas
Intake Specialist
Julian Medina
Director of Human Resources
Agustina Rey Micieli
Administrative Assistant | Immigration Delay Litigation
Florencia Giay
Administrative Assistant | Immigration Delay Litigation
Mads Samartino
Administrative Assistant | Immigration Delay Litigation
Muamer Dizdarevic
Administrative Assistant | Immigration Delay Litigation
Sabrina De Benedetto
Customer Service / Administrative Assistant for the Immigration Delay Litigation Team

As immigration lawyers in Los Angeles, we specialize in a complete spectrum of services pertaining to immigration, visa and citizenship. Regardless of how simple or complex your unique situation may be, you can place complete trust in our achieving the most favorable outcome possible.